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Top Survival Must-Haves for Baby’s First 3 Months

Now that we’re well past the newborn stage for both kids, I can reflect on the items I could not live without. The following products are the things that helped me make it through the roughest months!!

Top Survival Must-Haves for Baby's First Three Months (2)1. Yoga ball | 2. Beco Gemini baby carrier| 3. Baby Connect app | 4. Cream Haus play mat | 5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance | 6. NoseFrida Snot Sucker | 7. Gap footed one-piece | 8. Dohm sound machine

1. Yoga ball – This yoga ball is the unsung hero of our household. Not enough credit is given to yoga balls. If it wouldn’t cause death stares, I would gift a yoga ball at every baby shower.

When I was pregnant, it was a great place to sit to relieve back pain. When I was in labor, it was amazing in helping me to deal with labor pains. And, when I needed to rock my newborn to sleep, nothing worked better than bouncing on a yoga ball. Nothing.

2. Baby carrier – Hands-down the single most essential piece of baby gear for me is a good baby carrier. I am preferential to the Beco Gemini baby carrier for the newborn period because I like how soft and padded the panel is. The base also gets very narrow so the baby can easily be in an optimal M-position.

The number one place a newborn baby wants to be is on you. A baby carrier will save your arms, your back, and your sanity.


6 Ways to Help Your Firstborn Adjust to a New Sibling

Ways to Help Your Firstborn Adjust to a New SiblingOne of the main reasons I wanted to have two kids close in age is because I hope Max and Alexa grow up to be the best of friends. Of course I know that closeness in age is no guarantee of a close relationship. So I also try to do everything in my power to help ease the transition for Max from being an only child to having a sibling.

Prior to giving birth to Alexa, I asked everyone I met who had a younger sibling (both my husband and I are the youngest in our family so we have no concept of being an older sibling): How should I treat Max so that he has minimal resentment when Alexa is born?

1. Be Mindful of Fairness

The prevailing answer was to treat them both fairly. There is a natural tendency to protect the younger and “weaker” child, the baby.

However, after Alexa was born, we were always mindful that the same rules we have for Max apply to Alexa as well. Of course she doesn’t understand what we are saying but we make it a point to tell her things like:

  • Alexa, don’t hit your brother, say sorry!
  • Don’t put your feet up on the table!
  • We just got home, time to wash your hands!

I have noticed that Max is very observant as to how we treat Alexa and I can tell that it’s helped him to know that she has to follow the same house rules.

6 Tips on Helping Your Firstborn Adjust to a New Sibling-2

2. Teach Responsibility

We incorporate Max, whenever possible, into helping take care of Alexa. During diaper changes, he loves to bring us her diaper, wipes, and lotion. When Alexa gets upset during car rides, we ask him to sing songs or hand toys to her to help calm her down.

We always tell Max that he is the older brother and it’s his job to protect and take care of his younger sister. But when Alexa is old enough, we will let them both know that it’s their job as siblings to take care of and protect each other.

6 Tips on Helping Your Firstborn Adjust to a New Sibling


CorkiMat Lite by Pillobebe Giveaway

CorkiMat Lite by Pillobebe Giveaway

Ever since I wrote my guide for the best non-toxic play mats, by far the most popular play mat on that list is the CorkiMat by Pillobebe.

Well, this week, I am super excited to team up with Pillobebe to give away a full 9-tile CorkiMat Lite set (a $299 value)!

The CorkiMat Lite is a truly non-toxic play mat. Each tile has a removable 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton cover and polyester padding. The tile measures approximately 19″ and can be put together to fit the dimensions of any play space.

Best of all, one lucky Mommy to Max reader will win this amazing play mat!!

The giveaway will run until August 19th, 2016, 11:59PM EST. Open to US residents only. I will e-mail the winner for his/her shipping information within 24 hours. The winner can choose one design from the in-stock CorkiMat Lite listings. Good luck!

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Best European Organic Baby Formula Guide

Best European Baby Formula Guide - mommytomaxConsidering how many posts I’ve written about European organic baby formula, it’s probably long overdue for me to write a comprehensive European formula guide comparing the best brands. Well, here it is – better late than never! In this post, all formula links are affiliate links for Organic Munchkin – one of my favorite sellers of European formula.

There are several major European brand formulas that are sold in the US. Interestingly enough, most of them originate from Germany. I don’t know why but Germans seem to produce the gold standard for baby formula worldwide.

I am focusing solely on European formulas because the quality of the milk and the organic farming methods used in Europe are far superior to American brand formulas. Nonetheless, even the European brand formulas discussed will have their downsides. There is no such thing as the perfect infant formula. The best formula is the one that works for your baby and family.

List of Best European Formulas Discussed:


Best Non-Toxic Foam Play Mat: Cream Haus Folding Play Mat Review

Non-Toxic Foam Play Mat Cream Haus Review

I have to preface this review by saying that I did not think there was a foam play mat on the market that I would consider to be truly non-toxic. I was wrong. But if the thought of using plastic anything bothers you, you should just stop reading here.

When Cream Haus USA contacted me, requesting a review for their Folding Play Mat, I was skeptical about the mat’s non-toxicity claims. I had never heard of this company but I soon learned that Cream Haus is a premium South Korean brand which, until recently, was not available in the US.

When speaking to Brian, the US distributor for Cream Haus, about the properties of the play mat, he was immediately and unabashedly transparent – something I found very refreshing when dealing with a baby play mat company. He attached two complete and unredacted ASTM reports from a CSPC certified lab for both the polyethylene foam material and the polyurethane leather cover which showed non-detectable limits of heavy metals, lead, and phthalates.

Upon further inquiry, Brian also confirmed that the play mat has been tested for and is free of flame-retardants, formamide, formaldehyde, VOCs and azo dyes.

(All these tests will be made available to the general public on their website at some point in the near future.)