Request a Birth Greeting from the White House


I recently learned that you can request a birth greeting from the White House, signed by the President and First Lady, within a year of your baby’s birth. Luckily, I found out in time to request one for Alexa.

Well, we finally received our card and – political affiliations aside – the card makes a pretty awesome baby keepsake. But I am a bit bummed I didn’t know about it for Max.

There are several options to request a birth greeting:

1. Call the White House at: (202)456-1414

2. Send a letter or birth announcement to:

President Barack Obama (or current President)
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500

3. Fill out the web form:

You will need to provide your full name, phone number, and mailing address and the baby’s full name and date of birth.

The birth greeting can only be requested after the baby is born.


The Ultimate Gift Guide: Best Toys for Toddlers (2-3 Years Old)

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A list of the best toys for toddlers that have been mom-vetted and toddler-approved! Any of these toys would make great birthday or holiday gifts for kids ages 2 to 3 years old.

Since we are approaching the holiday season, I figured it’s a good time to compile my ultimate gift guide regarding the best toys for toddlers, ages 2 to 3 years old.

This is the beginning of my favorite age because you can finally start getting kids more interesting toys that they won’t grow out of as quickly. And what I really mean by that is: toys you might want to play with too!

My guide includes all the toys that we already own and love or toys that are currently on my wish list. Keep in mind that this list is geared more towards non-electric and/or educational type toys. I’ve found that I naturally gravitate towards STEM toys or the ones that inspire creative play. 🙂


Happy First Birthday Alexa


I can’t believe that you are one year old today. To say the time has flown by is an understatement.

I used to think Max was like me but, I now realize, you are me.

You have the same fine, wispy hair that falls out more than it should and the two large front teeth framed by substantially smaller teeth.

You have my family’s signature protruding forehead that I have grown to love, and I hope that you do too, in time.

You have my long, straight fingers. (Max has crooked pinkies from his dad.)

You have my small eyes, but that’s ok because you also have my tiny nose and bird beak mouth, so at least it’s proportional.


My doppelgänger 🙂

You are petite, like me, but not as short as everyone thinks you look. You’ll probably spend your whole life fighting presumptions that other people will make about you because of your smaller frame.


European Organic Infant Formula Giveaway – October 2016

european-organic-baby-formula-giveaway-2016On the first Monday of every month, I run a giveaway for European organic infant formula, sponsored by Organic Munchkin. (I previously vetted Organic Munchkin to ensure that they sell authentic Holle and other European brand formulas. You can read about my process here.)

I truly believe that the best European brand formulas are superior to US brand formulas. Unfortunately, they are not easily accessible to the US market. That’s why I am happy to have found a reliable source in the US.

If you are not familiar with European formulas, check out my Best European Organic Baby Formula Guide.

I am so excited to have an opportunity to share these amazing formulas with my readers who might not otherwise try it. Enter to win below. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run until October 7th, 2016, 11:59PM. I will e-mail the winner for his/her shipping information within 24 hours. You can let me know which formula you prefer when I do. Good luck!

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Gear Guide

I am grateful that I was able to have a breastfeeding relationship with both my children. I nursed Max until he was 8 months old and I’m still nursing Alexa at almost a year. Throughout that period, I’ve used a lot of different gear and equipment for nursing. This is my checklist of all the breastfeeding supplies that I’ve ever needed.

the-ultimate-breastfeeding-gear and supplies-guide

1. Vitamin D drops – Most pediatricians recommend that you administer vitamin D drops to your baby if you are breastfeeding. They usually prescribe Enfamil D Vi Sol. Stay away from that crap. Use pure vitamin D drops instead. (You can read my review comparing the different brands here.)

2. Lanolin cream – If you are like 99.9% of the breastfeeding population, when you first start breastfeeding, it will feel like “someone” took the coarsest piece of sandpaper he/she could find and viciously went to work on your nipples. And by “someone,” I do mean your angelic, darling, newborn baby. You will need lanolin cream (a.k.a. wool grease).

3. Breastfeeding bra – For the first few weeks, when you are stuck at home, and basically breastfeeding 24/7, don’t bother wearing anything at all. However, once you are required to face humanity again, you’ll need a good breastfeeding bra. If at all possible, stay away from underwire when breastfeeding. The last thing you want is plugged ducts.

4. Nursing pads – Some women leaks and other don’t. You won’t know until you start breastfeeding the extent to which you might leak. But if you do leak a lot, you can’t go without nursing pads.

5. Breastfeeding top – You need to wear tops that allow easy access to the goods. You can buy tanks like these that are designed for that purpose. I bought a few when I was pregnant with Max. But, the second time around, I just wore a lot of low cut tanks.