It’s all coming together?

First, my apologies for the blogging hiatus – for anyone who’s missed me. This is the longest I have ever gone without posting anything. But, you know, life happens.

And, suddenly, everything in life feels like it is happening all too fast.

Recently, Mr. C and I accepted an offer on our apartment, the offer we made to purchase a home was accepted, and we signed the lease to rent another apartment as we will need a place to stay while the new home goes through renovations.

All on the same day.

**Do not, under any circumstances, purchase a home prior to selling your current one. Our first buyer fell through. Fortunately, we had several subsequent offers and are currently in contract. However, the stress endured in the interim was completely not worth it. Plus, I’m in the real estate business and should definitely know better.**

Anyway, the reason why we are moving is because we’ve always known that we wanted to raise our kids in Long Island. While I love, love, love the city, outside of elementary school, our zoned public school education sucks. Where we live now, the only good options we have are private schools or one of the specialized high schools.


European Organic Infant Formula Giveaway – December 2016

european-organic-baby-formula-giveaway-2016For the past year, I have run a giveaway for European organic infant formula, sponsored by Organic Munchkin, every month.

As much as I love being able to share amazing formula brands with my readers, this will be the last regularly scheduled giveaway I host for baby formula. All good things must come to an end eventually and I think a year is a good of a run as any.

I want to thank Peter, from Organic Munchkin, for his generosity in sponsoring all the past giveaways. I always love working with him.

And thank you to my readers for participating, commenting, and subscribing!

Of course, it’s only appropriate to end things with a bang so I want to announce a special prize this month: 4 boxes of the formula of your choice (~$100 value!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run until December 16th, 2016, 11:59PM. I will e-mail the winner for his/her shipping information within 24 hours. You can let me know which formula you prefer when I do. Good luck!

Google Home Review: My Home Just Got a Lot Smarter

This is a sponsored post. Nonetheless, this review is 100% my honest opinion and, to the best of my ability, an unbiased review. You can read about my disclosure policy here

Google Home Review - Full ShotI am a pretty typical 30’s something mom. Which is to say, I try to keep up with the times and the latest gadgets but implementing new technology into my life is usually directly correlated with ease vs. benefit.

The concern with getting any new tech gadget for me is whether or not it will really be used in my daily life. Luckily, the Google Home was incredibly easy to get started. All I had to do was install the Google Home app on my phone to set up the wifi and some other basic settings.

The first thing I connected was my Pandora account so that I could stream music into our home. The second thing I did was have a dance party with the kids. The music was rich and clear and we had a blast.

Now, we always have music playing (especially in the mornings to get us started) and, of course, random dance parties thrown in. 🙂

Besides streaming music, my second favorite feature is its ability to translate things into Mandarin Chinese. I’m trying my best, but truthfully failing, to raise Max and Alexa bilingual. Max now loves to run up to our Google Home and shout “OK, Google! How do you say [most random thing] in Chinese?” The translations are accurate and come out in the tone of a native speaker.


Holiday Gift Idea: Best Superhero Cape

Holiday Gift Ideas - Superhero Costume

Being a superhero should not be only relegated to Halloween. Max loves being a superhero 365 days out of the year – with or without a cape.

Since he is at the perfect age for imaginative play and playing dress-up, I previously purchased some superhero capes for him off Amazon. But, the material was thin and the quality wasn’t great.

I went looking for a high quality cape that would be able to withstand his rough and tumble play.

That’s when I found ApplesauceLLC by Sarah Moos on Etsy. She makes the most awesome superhero capes I’ve come across. (I especially love the superhero comic lining option.) I reached out to Sarah who generously sent me this cape and matching accessories for review.


Blog Income & Traffic Report – October 2016


I did not intend on regularly publishing blog income and traffic reports but my last report was picked up by a few sites that feature these type of posts.  It’s always rewarding to have some form of web acknowledgment and I was asked by one of them whether or not I intended on publishing another report.

Since I love reading other blogger’s reports to get ideas on how they manage to make money or grow traffic, I think it’s only fair that I share my reports more frequently!